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Second Semester Senior: Overachiever Edition

February 26, 2011

Over winter break I got a curious email from COM student services. Without quoting directly I will summarize/ derive the central theme:

“You have 125 credits. You should have graduated already. Why are you still here?”

In all honesty I could have graduated a semester early (or a year early had I not gone abroad), but I saved a couple requirements for my senior year that I met in the first semester. Going into Spring 2011, I only had one class left to take to complete my minor (Psychology), and zero credits needed for graduation despite the fact that I only put in for 3 of the classes I took abroad (whoops). And yet somehow, despite this open-ended invitation to slack off my final semester, I am taking four classes. Why you might ask? Well here’s where it gets complicated.

There is always that one class… you know the one. The one you’ve tried to get into for 4 years, with a professor you love, that is totally applicable to your major and yet somehow is always full. So come registration when I didn’t get in (DEVASTATION) I had all but given up hope. I then was working in a group project (Got to love COM and their love of group work) when I found out one of my teammates had enrolled in the class but had decided to go abroad this semester,  offering to give me her spot (ELATION). This class (which shall remain nameless) was clearly meant to be, and may or may not have prompted me to start this blog…

So dream class + required for minor Psych class = 8 credits

But wait, it doesn’t stop there.

I then was motivated by two other factors. One was that due to the fact that my family now has 2 kids in college full-time I actually got merit money from BU this year (gasp), and that becoming a part-time student would negate that. So I needed to take at least 12 credits to keep my full-time student status. My other motivating factor was one of my roommates, lets call her T. She convinced me that due to our unhealthy obsession with pop culture, celebrities and all things entertainment that we should take a film class. Throw in the fact that said film class is taught by one of the Boston Globe‘s prominent film writers? Sold.

Dream class + Psych class + Film class with T = 12 credits

But wait, there’s more.

I then was asked by a favorite professor of mine to take on a leadership position in another class that would essentially count as 2 more internships on my resume. Not only that, but I would get experience leading small teams and editing projects. Basically it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. So despite the fact that I am taking this “class” for 2 credits, it really does require a lot of man-hours.

Grand Total: Dream class + Psych class + Film class + Internship class = 14 credits

So now, for reasons that were clearly beyond my realm of control, I not only am taking a full course-load my final semester here at BU; I also have class every single day of the week. Combine that with my internship where I work 20 hours a week and that’s a recipe for a very busy Sam. Still I will enjoy my last semester here at BU, despite my workload. After all, if I weren’t this busy, what else would I do with my time?

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