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Professionalism: A Hair Story

March 2, 2011

Halfway through my sophomore year at BU, I made a impulsive decision to chop off my hair. I went to a salon on Newbury Street (James Joseph) where they took my below shoulder blade-length hair, and cropped it to just underneath my chin. I like to call this my Rory Gilmore crisis, or Felicity, whichever show you were more partial to. Both of these TV heroines made the decision to chop their hair off Sophomore year.  So although my haircut was undeniably chic when styled properly, it definitely took a couple years off of my age. Not something a 19-year-old necessarily wants.

Flash forward two years later and my hair still has not recovered to its former length despite frequent trimmings, expensive shampoo and many deep conditionings. So as I consider another change to my hair (which now rests just beneath my shoulders), I also must consider what the next three months of my life have to offer.

(Approximately what my hair currently looks like)

In the next few months I fully intend to start interviewing for a full-time position. So any decision I make to alter my hair needs to be a step towards professionalism. That being said, I am still bored with my currently look and have several ideas as to update it…

My first idea was blunt bangs. I do run into a slight problem here because my hair dries wavy/curly. I do like the way that Leah Michelle from Glee combines the two. Other inspirations come from Kim Kardashian or Leighton Meester:

My other idea was subtle highlights. I really love the way that auburn or honey colored highlights look in darker hair. They reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Several celebs have attempted this combination recently but some of my favorites are Rachel Bilson, Julia Roberts or Mila Kunis.

So while I contemplate which of these hair choices keeps me fashion forward yet still professional,  I am constantly on the lookout for way to get my hair to grow just a little bit faster.

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  1. Katie permalink
    March 2, 2011 6:59 pm

    I tell you all the time, don’t wash your hair every day! 🙂

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