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True Life: I’m Obsessed with My Kindle

March 10, 2011

Me at the Punta Cana airport

For Christmas/ Hanukkah my parents usually give my siblings and I one larger present. This year I received an Amazon Kindle. At first I was skeptical. Books and I have had a loving relationship for 21 years, why change anything now? Then I started to realize some of the perks. Even my 3G + Wifi version of the Kindle has no backlight, so it reads like a normal book. It is very thin and lightweight, making it much easier to transport than some of my weightier tomes (War and Peace? No Problem!). Its battery life also can last for upwards of a week, making charging convenient. Amazon’s Wispernet system also allows you to download books in a split second. Translation: no more running to Barnes & Noble for the next installment of my favorite series. I actually even downloaded a book from the beach on spring break, it’s really that easy.

And unlike with my beloved paperbacks, the Kindle provides one valuable feature…anonymity. Now when I’m riding to work on the T, no one can tell that I am re-reading Pride and Prejudice for the 25th time. It also has fostered an unhealthy obsession with romance novels. You know the ones I’m talking about. With covers bedecked with Fabio-esque male models in flowing shirts and swooning Victorian females, these were always the books I was too embarrassed to hit the checkout line with. Now, thanks to my Kindle, no one has to know.

I enjoy my Kindle so much that I recently was even featured in an article in the Boston Herald about eReaders (with an embarrassingly large photo).

Just goes to show that skeptics can become the biggest advocates when a good product is marketed toward the right demographic.

This post is dedicated in part to my roommate Theresa, who ridicules me incessantly about my unhealthy addiction to my Kindle. 

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