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Demonstrating value to boomer bosses: A memo to millennials

March 22, 2011

My internship boss recently recommended that I start reading some of the publications put our by PRSA. I found this valuable and a little scary at the same time, making the transition from PRSSA to PRSA. I recently began subscribing to The Strategist and came across this interesting article written by Susan Balcom Walton:

You’re a recent college graduate. You’ve revised your résumé, improved your interview techniques and perfected your portfolio. Or perhaps you’ve already landed your dream job or internship. So what’s your next move?

I have a tweet for you: Understand and deliver on your co-workers’ expectations. Use the PR skills you’ve learned and approach your employers just as you would any key public — determine what their self-interests are. If you’re going to succeed in your new role, then well-honed skills will be a major factor, but they won’t be the only one. You’ll also need to understand what the generations already in the workplace — in particular my generation, the baby boomers — value and expect from you. read more…

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