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Facing the Facts

March 23, 2011

Sometimes, working for the University in which I attend can have its downsides. For example, yesterday I was asked to write a short recap of a website to put on the BU blog BUNow. What was said site about? Seniors. No not the cute little old people who enjoy early bird specials and reduced rates at the movie theater…my peers graduating in May. This reduced me into a mini state of panic because it goes directly against the state of denial I was happily living in in regards to commencement. To the point where I refused to check my final exam schedule because it means knowing exactly when my last class will be.

So yesterday afternoon, combined with the knowledge that it is exactly 2 months until graduation,  I broke down. I wrote a charming summary of the website, and finally logged on to studentlink to see what my last test as a college student will be (its Psychology at 6PM on 5/11 if you were curious). And do you know what? It was oddly comforting. Maybe because I am a serial planner, or because I am a PR major that gets anxiety when events are planned poorly or deep down I am actually ready to graduate (gasp), but I felt better getting all the information. It actually spurred me into a frenzy of activity where I  started a resume overhaul and making dinner reservations for graduation weekend (overkill? You try getting a table for 7 in a decent restaurant when half of Boston has family in town).

So the moral of this story is that its okay to be a little excited for the future. Even if you have NO idea what it is yet.

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