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Retail Therapy

April 16, 2011

It is not a secret among those who know me that I enjoy to shop. In fact, often times the floor of my room will be so covered in clothing that you cannot see what color the carpet is. So with 5 weeks to go until graduation, I have taken it upon myself to dull the pain via my favorite pastime–shopping.

The first purchase I made recently was a pair of shoes. I have been hunting for the perfect pair to wear to graduation. There has been much debate among my friends as to the type of shoes you can wear to the All-University Ceremony on Nickerson Field. Some sources are under the impression that because we will be walking on the turf, we are not supposed to wear heels. Speaking as someone who graduated from high school on turf however, I can safely say that this is bull. While I do not suggest that you wear ankle-breaking stilettos, high heeled sandals or wedges are perfectly acceptable will not sink into the turf. I happened on these at shoeWoo the other day:

The second purchase that I have begun to consider is the all important dress. Although it will be covered up by our gowns most of the day, it is my personal opinion that the graduation dress sets the tone of the entire affair and is not to by taken lightly. I picked up this adorable thing from J Crew in the same shopping trip but I think I have decided to wear it to one of the two Senior brunches I have in the next two weeks.

Since my return from London, I have been missing Topshop desperately. So although their American website is overpriced and no where near as good at the flagship store in Oxford Circus (that was a 15 mintue walk from my flat), I recently caved and purchases a few items. One of them was this adorable 50-esque wrap dress:

Lastly I wandered into Club Monaco over the weekend and became obsessed with their new collection. I came across this lemon colored skirt and fell in love with the swishy material and the happy color that reminded me of sunshine.

And yet after all this retail therapy, I am still stumped as to what to wear to Graduation. {Sigh}

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