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Channeling my inner Julia Child: Passover Edition

April 18, 2011

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday. Also know as “Jewish Thanksgiving,” Passover is ordinarily a time for family, very long meals and an Atkins-friendly diet. The downside of celebrating Passover in college, however, is that it makes it hard to find time to go home and celebrate with your family. This year in particular, the two Passover seders fall on (Marathon) Monday and Tuesday. So in addition to celebrating one of my favorite BU holidays, I am beginning to prep for a week without bread products. My busy schedule also makes it difficult to observe the stringent dietary conditions that Passover entails. Though traditionally you are supposed to purge your entire home of all bread products before Passover starts, somehow I think my three Catholic roommates would not take kindly to me trashing their chicken nuggets, pasta and frozen pizzas. So this means that instead of letting my Mom make my Parve meals, I have to do some cooking myself.

One of my favorite Passover foods is called Mandel Bread. This is essentially kosher-for-Passover biscotti complete with a chocolate-chip flecked interior and a cinnamon-dusted topping. Following a quick trip to Shaws, I attempted to recreate my mother’s signature Passover desert (and the only thing that kept me and my brother from starving all these years). Although I made a complete mess of my kitchen in the process (fun fact: matzah meal is much dryer than flower making it much harder to form into dough) the overall efforts were worth it.

Happy Passover!

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