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Marathon Monday

April 19, 2011

The third Monday in April is considered a holiday in Massachusetts and Maine. Christened Patriot’s Day, it is officially (according to Wikipedia) is a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. In Boston however, it means one thing…Marathon Monday.

Put on by the Boston Athletic Association, the Boston Marathon “the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events.”

To the students and residents of Boston not running in the races however, Marathon Monday is a completely different kind of holiday. A day where anything goes, many students will wake up as early as 7 AM (unheard of for a college student) to begin tailgating the race. At Boston University, what we lack in homecoming games and football tailgates, we make up for on Marathon Monday. The course spans through Brookline and up Beacon Street, touching the Southeastern part of our campus before making its way through Kenmore Square (home to one of our dorms and several classroom buildings) and up Commonwealth Avenue. Beacon Street is also the place where you are likely to find most BU students on race day, complete with customized T-shirts, running garb and suspicious looking backpacks.

As a senior this year, Marathon Monday was semi bittersweet as it marked the beginning of the end. Here are some of my (PG rated) photos from Monday. Enjoy!

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