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It’s Officially Official

April 28, 2011

Today before heading to work I popped on over to the BU Bookstore to make a purchase I had been putting off. My cap and gown. While the entire process was painless and took 10 minutes at the most, it had an overwhelming sense of finality to it. I couldn’t help thinking This is it…this is the end. I did notice that they strategically placed a display of Alumni garb next to the checkout which I found irritating. I do not need to be reminded that I only have one week of class left as a college student thank you. As this week draws to a close it is becoming increasingly difficult to use my earlier tactic of leaving the room whenever someone brings up the “G-word.”

Only the child in me was intrigued by this experience. I enjoyed browsing the master list of all of the different colored tassels that each college at BU (there are 18) receives. CAS and COM undergrads get black (snooze) but I was intrigued to see that Sargent College has one thats green and yellow (?) while SMG gets taupe. Suddenly black doesn’t look so bad.

Still, this adventure reminded me that despite the fact that I still have a giant paper and 2 group projects to finish this week, it is indeed The end of the world as we know it. I think I am not going to fully process this until I have to put it on.

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