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So it’s been Three Months…

September 14, 2011

And as the fall TV schedule comes back into play, I cannot help but compare my life to that of a TV drama. You know in all good teen high school dramas, where the show-runners have a choice to take their beloved characters through college or fast-forward them 4 years, adding additional depth and “maturity” to make them more interesting? That’s what I feel like just happened to me. My life has been fast-forward[ed?].  And while the rest of my world seems to be hitting Play just fine, it seems that someone has left me on Pause. Stuck in what feels like social, financial and emotional no-man’s land, waiting for all of my so-called life lessons to kick in and leave me in better place than I was four years ago. Sure, now I have a diploma. Theoretically I am prepared for the job market because I have several {*cough* 6} internships under my belt. And yes, I wouldn’t trade my time at BU for any other college experience. But now what? For a girl who has had a detailed life plan since middle school, the harsh reality of professional development limbo is setting in. Accompanied by a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and horrible bouts of what amounts to job envy with a heavy side serving of bitterness.

What makes it difficult is that I understand the reasons. The job market still hasn’t recovered. It’s hard breaking into an industry that you have zero nepotistic connections in. There are thousands of other applicants out there in the same boat as me. I can even meander the “it could be worse” path with gems like, Sure you commute to work 2 hours in each direction daily, but at least you live close enough to NYC to do that. Sure you’re still an intern, but at least you’re working at all. Sure you’re still technically still unemployed, but at least you don’t have to start paying back those student loans yet. Is this working for you? Me—not so much.

So while I simmer in professional purgatory at least I have one thing to comfort me. My DVR.

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